Best Body of Work, 2007

Rules and Regulations

Best Body of Work

1. Josh Brolin [actor- No Country for Old Men/Grindhouse/American Gangster/In the Valley of Elah] (106 points/16 votes)

2. Roger Deakins [cinematographer- The Assassination of Jesse James/No Country for Old Men/In the Valley of Elah] (74/11)
3. Philip Seymour Hoffman [actor- Before the Devil Knows You're Dead/Charlie Wilson's War/The Savages] (52/8)
4. Casey Affleck [actor- The Assassination of Jesse James/Gone Baby Gone/Ocean's Thirteen] (51/8)
5. Michael Cera [actor- Superbad/Juno] (26/5)

6. Tommy Lee Jones [actor- In the Valley of Elah/No Country for Old Men] (26/4)
7. Christian Bale [actor- Rescue Dawn/3:10 to Yuma/I'm Not There] (25/4)
8. Seth Rogen [actor- Knocked Up,actor & screenwriter- Superbad] (21/4)
9. Judd Apatow [writer & director- Knocked Up, producer- Superbad/Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story] (21/3)
10. Harris Savides [cinematographer- Zodiac/Margot at the Wedding/American Gangster] (12/2)
10. Edgar Wright [writer & director- Hot Fuzz/Grindhouse {"Don't" Segment}] (12/2)
12. J.K. Simmons [actor- Juno/Spider-Man 3/Rendition/The Astronaut Farmer/First Snow] (11/2)
13. Irfan Khan [actor- A Mighty Heart/The Namesake/The Darjeeling Limited] (9/2)
14. Cate Blanchett [actor- I'm Not There/Elizabeth: The Golden Age/Hot Fuzz] (8/2)

The following people each received one vote:

Will Arnett [voiceover artist]
Jason Bateman [actor]
Garret Dillahunt [actor]
Robert Elswit [cinematographer]
Ben Foster [actor]
Jennifer Garner [actor]
Eric Gautier [cinematographer]
Alex Gibney [director/producer]
Tony Gilroy [writer/director]
Jake Gyllenhaal [actor]
Jonah Hill [actor]
Sebastian Koch [actor]
Liao Pen-jung [cinematographer]
Laura Linney [actor]
Mads Mikkelsen [actor]
Eli Roth [director]
Paul Rudd [actor]
Amy Ryan [actor]
James Schamus [writer/producer]
Timothy Spall [actor]
Tilda Swinton [actor]
Johnnie To [director]
Tom Wilkinson [actor]