Best Cinematic Breakthrough, 2007

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Best Cinematic Breakthrough

1. Ben Affleck [Director, Gone Baby Gone] (93 points/14 votes)

2. Carice Van Houten [Actor, Black Book] (42/6)
3. Casey Affleck [Actor, The Assassination of Jesse James.../Gone Baby Gone] (39/5)
4. Michael Cera [Actor, Superbad/Juno] (28/5)
5. Josh Brolin [Actor, No Country for Old Men/Grindhouse] (26/4)

6. Luisa Williams [Actor, Day Night Day Night] (23/4)
7. Zoe Bell [Actor, Grindhouse] (21/4)
8. Sarah Polley [Writer/Director, Away From Her] (19/3)
9. Tony Gilroy [Director, Michael Clayton] (18/3)
10. David Fincher [Director, Zodiac] (15/2)
11. Katherine Heigl [Actor, Knocked Up] (14/3)
12. Paul Thomas Anderson [Writer/Director, There Will Be Blood] (14/2)
13. Paul Dano [Actor, There Will Be Blood] (13/3)
14. Julie Delpy [Writer/Director, 2 Days in Paris] (12/2)
14. The Swell Season {Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova} [Actors/Musicians, Once] (12/2)
16. Joel and Ethan Coen [Writer/Directors, No Country for Old Men (11/2)
16. George Ratliff [Writer/Director, Joshua] (11/2)
16. Saoirse Ronan [Actor, Atonement] (11/2)
19. Christopher Mintz-Plasse [Actor, Superbad] (10/2)
20. Diablo Cody [Writer, Juno] (8/2)

The following breakthroughs each received one vote:

Javier Bardem [Actor, No Country for Old Men]
Bong Joon-ho [Director, The Host]
Zabou Breitman [Director, The Man of My Life]
John Carney [Writer/Director, Once]
Marion Cotillard [Actor, La Vie en Rose]
Andrew Dominik [Director, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford]
Marcus Carl Franklin [Actor, I'm Not There]
Jennifer Garner [Actor, Juno]
Scott Glosserman [Director, Beyond the Mask]
Chris Gorak [Director, Right at Your Door]
Jonny Greenwood [Music, There Will Be Blood]
Elijah Kelley [Actor, Hairspray]
Nicole Kidman [Actor, Margot at the Wedding]
Jacob Kogan [Actor, Joshua]
Skip Lievsay [Sound, No Country for Old Men]
Kelly MacDonald [Actor, No Country for Old Men]
James Marsden [Actor, Enchanted/Hairspray]
Ellen Page [Actor, Juno]
Simon Pegg [Actor, Hot Fuzz]
Sam Riley [Actor, Control]
Mark Ruffalo [Actor, Zodiac]
Keri Russell [Actor, Waitress]
Amy Ryan [Actor, Gone Baby Gone]
Tang Wei [Actor, Lust, Caution]
Paul Verhoeven [Director, Black Book]
Lars Von Trier [Director, The Boss Of It All]
James Wan [Director, Death Sentence]
Mike White [Director, Year of the Dog]