Best DVD Release, 2007

Rules and Regulations

Best DVD Release

1. Blade Runner: The Final Cut, Four-Disc Collector's Edition [Warner] (24 points/6 votes)

2. Twin Peaks: The Definitive Gold Box Edition [Paramount] (22/5)
3. The Films of Alejandro Jodorowsky [Abkco/Anchor Bay] (19/4)
4. Killer of Sheep [Milestone] (13/3)
5. Ace in the Hole [Criterion] (12/3)

6. Two Lane Blacktop [Criterion] (9/2)
7. Blade Runner: The Final Cut, Five-Disc Ultimate Collector's Edition [Warner] (8/2)
8. The Sergio Leone Anthology [MGM] (8/2)
9. Days of Heaven [Criterion] (7/2)

The following DVD releases each received one vote:

Bender's Big Score
Berlin Alexanderplatz
Close Encounters of the Third Kind: 30th Anniversary Edition
Deliverance: 35th Anniversary Edition
The Documentaries of Louis Malle
Drunken Angel
Duck, You Sucker
Early Bergman Box Set
Everything Will Be OK
The First Films of Sam Fuller
From Beyond
Green for Danger
Hearts of Darkness
House of Games
The Lives of Others
Mario Bava Box Set 1 & 2
The Monster Squad
Popeye the Sailor: vol. 1
Saturday Night Fever: 30th Anniversary Edition
Stranger Than Paradise
WB Film Noir Collection vol. 4
The Wire Season 4
Witchfinder General