2013 Muriel Awards

Rules and Regulations

The 8th Annual Muriel Awards, given for outstanding cinematic achievement during the year 2013, were announced in February and March 2014. Click on the links below to see the full voting results by category.

Best Picture

Best Lead Performance (Female)

Best Lead Performance (Male)

Best Direction

Best Supporting Performance (Female)

Best Supporting Performance (Male)

Best Cinematic Moment

Best Documentary

Best Screenplay

Best Ensemble

Best Cinematography

Best Music

Best Editing

Best Body of Work

Best Cinematic Breakthrough

10th Anniversary Award for Best Film, 2003

25th Anniversary Award for Best Film, 1988

50th Anniversary For Best Film, 1963

And some Muriels miscellania:

Also-Rans #1: Ineligible Films

Also-Rans #2: Actors

Also-Rans #3: More Actors

Also-Rans #4: Miscellany


Individual voter pages are currently in the process of being updated.