2014 Muriel Awards

Rules and Regulations

The 9th Annual Muriel Awards, given for outstanding cinematic achievement during the year 2014, were announced in February and March 2015. Click on the links below to see the full voting results by category.

Best Picture

Best Lead Performance (Female)

Best Lead Performance (Male)

Best Direction

Best Supporting Performance (Female)

Best Supporting Performance (Male)

Best Cinematic Moment

Best Documentary

Best Screenplay

Best Ensemble

Best Cinematography

Best Music

Best Editing

Best Body of Work

Best Cinematic Breakthrough

10th Anniversary Award for Best Picture, 2004

25th Anniversary Award for Best Picture, 1989

50th Anniversary Award for Best Picture, 1964

And some Muriels miscellania:

Tributes to Late Greats

Also-Rans #1: Gents

Also-Rans #2: Ladies

Also-Rans #3: Orphans


Special thanks to the following voters who participated in the 2014 Muriels.

Jason Alley
Danny Baldwin
Josh Bell
Andrew Bemis
Christianne Benedict
Scott Black
Danny Bowes
Sean Burns
Donald G. Carder
Kevin Cecil
Paul Clark
Dennis Cozzalio
Andrew Dignan
Kevin Dufresne
Philip Dyess-Nugent
Jim Emerson
Alex Engquist
James Frazier
Kenji Fujishima
Daniel Getahun
Luke Gorham
Jaime Grijalba
Russell Hainline
Glenn Heath Jr.
Darren Hughes
Daniel C. Johnson
Sam Juliano
Peter Labuza
Adam Lemke
Michael Lieberman
Craig Lindsey
Matt Lynch
Sam C. Mac
Jeff McMahon
Patrick Miller
Matt Noller
Mark Pfeiffer
Cole Roulain
Jason Shawhan
Melissa Starker
Catherine Stebbins
Andreas Stoehr
Scott von Doviak
Clayton Walter
Patrick Williamson
Bryce Wilson
George Wu