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Christianne Benedict lives in Columbia, Missouri. Her scandalous career has included stints as an arms merchant, a grave digger, and a video store drone. She has spent most of her professional life as an institutional graphic designer and illustrator and has lately been working as an unpaid LGBT activist. The movie monkey on her back is the size of King Kong. She writes about movies on her blog, Krell Laboratories, and occasionally elsewhere if the money is right. She was also born with a Y-chromosome, but she's finally beaten that little bastard into submission.


Best Feature-Length Film
1. A Simple Life (Ann Hui)
2. Chicken with Plums (Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud)
3. The Grey (Joe Carnahan)
4. Zero Dark Thirty (Kathryn Bigelow)
5. Miss Bala (Gerardo Naranjo)
6. Moonrise Kingdom (Wes Anderson)
7. Cosmopolis (David Cronenberg)

Best Lead Performance, Male
1. Andy Lau, A Simple Life
2. Mohamed Fellag, Monsieur Lazhar
3. Liam Neeson, The Grey
4. Hugh Jackman, Les Miserables

Best Lead Performance, Female
1. Deannie Yip, A Simple Life
2. Jennifer Lawrence, Silver Linings Playbook
3. Quvenzhané Wallis, Beasts of the Southern Wild
4. Gina Carano, Haywire
5. Stephanie Sigman, Miss Bala

Best Supporting Performance, Male
1. Tommy Lee Jones, Lincoln
2. Matthew McConaughey, Bernie
3. Edward Norton, Moonrise Kingdom
4. Chow Yun-Fat, Let the Bullets Fly
5. James Spader, Lincoln

Best Supporting Performance, Female
1. Alison Torem, The Wise Kids
2. Doona Bae, Cloud Atlas
3. Emily Blunt, Looper
4. Kelly McGillis, The Innkeepers
5. Anne Hathaway, The Dark Knight Rises

Best Direction
1. Ann Hui, A Simple Life
2. Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud, Chicken with Plums
3. Kathryn Bigelow, Zero Dark Thirty
4. Wes Anderson, Moonrise Kingdom
5. Joe Carnahan, The Grey

Best Screenplay
1. Chicken with Plums, Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud
2. A Simple Life, Susan Chan and Yan-lam Lee
3. Looper, Rian Johnson
4. Cloud Atlas, Lana Wachowski, Andy Wachowski, and Tom Tykwer
5. Your Sister's Sister, Lynn Shelton

Best Cinematography
1. Masanobu Takayanagi, The Grey
2. Robbie Ryan, Wuthering Heights
3. Robert D. Yeoman, Moonrise Kingdom
4. Greig Fraser, Snow White and the Huntsman
5. Gökhan Tiryaki, Once Upon a Time in Anatolia

Best Editing
1. Alexander Berner, Cloud Atlas
2. Fred Raskin, Django Unchained
3. Roger Barton and Jason Hellmann, The Grey
4. Steven Soderbergh, Haywire
5. Melanie Oliver, Anna Karenina

Best Music
1. Alexandre Desplat, Moonrise Kingdom
2. Howard Shore, Cosmopolis
3. Thomas Newman, Skyfall
4. Robb Boyd and Elayna Boynton, Django Unchained

Best Cinematic Moment
1. Brea loses the words at the Easter pageant, The Wise Kids
3. Ah Tao checks for dust when she comes home to visit, A Simple Life
4. “Fuck it, I'll do it myself,” The Grey
5. Waiting for the pregnancy test, Your Sister's Sister
6. The awful truth about fast food, Cloud Atlas
7. Nights in White Satin, Dark Shadows
8. Cart full of limbs, Lincoln

Best Cinematic Breakthrough
1. Colleen Atwood
2. Quvenzhané Wallis,
3. Matthew McConaughey
4. Lana Wachowski

Best Body of Work
1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Looper, Premium Rush, The Dark Knight Rises, Lincoln
2. Mark Duplass, Your Sister's Sister, Safety Not Guaranteed, People Like Us, Zero Dark Thirty
3. Matthew McConaughey, Magic Mike, Bernie, Killer Joe, The Paperboy
4. Colleen Atwood, Snow White and the Huntsman, Dark Shadows
5. Greg Nicotero, The Grey, Seven Psychopaths, Hitchcock, Django Unchained

Best Ensemble Performance
1. Lincoln
2. Zero Dark Thirty
3. Moonrise Kingdom
4. Les Miserables
5. The Wise Kids

10th Anniversary Award, Best Feature Film 2002
1. Gangs of New York
2. May
3. 24 Hour Party People
4. Infernal Affairs
5. Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance

25th Anniversary Award, Best Feature Film 1987
1. Wings of Desire
2. A Chinese Ghost Story
3. In a Glass Cage
4. Near Dark
5. Prick Up Your Ears

50th Anniversary Award, Best Feature Film 1962
1. Harakiri
2. The Exterminating Angel
3. Ivan's Childhood
4. Knife in the Water
5. Cape Fear

Special Award: Best Film of the 1970s
1. The Conversation
2. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
3. The Spirit of the Beehive
4. Killer of Sheep
5. That Obscure Object of Desire
6. The Brood
7. Vengeance Is Mine
8. Celine and Julie Go Boating
9. Chinatown
10. Female Convict Scorpion: Jailhouse 41

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