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Chuck Bowen briefly lived in an apartment above a movie theatre run by his parents and has since been writing as justification for the love and tunnel vision that followed. Chuck can be found at Bowen's Cinematic.


Best Feature-Length Film

1. Rachel Getting Married

2. Shotgun Stories

3. Burn After Reading

4. The Wrestler


6. The Edge of Heaven

7. Standard Operating Procedure

8. My Winnipeg

9. Shine a Light

10. My Blueberry Nights


Best Lead Performance, Male

1. Mickey Rourke, The Wrestler

2. Michael Shannon, Shotgun Stories

3. Guillaume Depardieu, The Duchess of Langeais

4. Philip Seymour Hoffman, Doubt

5. Richard Jenkins, The Visitor


Best Lead Performance, Female

1. Anne Hathaway, Rachel Getting Married

2. Kate Winslet, Revolutionary Road

3. Meryl Streep, Doubt

4. Jeanne Balibar, The Duchess of Langeais

5. Ludivine Sagnier, A Girl Cut in Two


Best Supporting Performance, Male

1. Robert Downey Jr., Tropic Thunder

2. Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight

3. John Malkovich, Burn After Reading

4. Francois Berléand, A Girl Cut in Two

5. David Strathairn, My Blueberry Nights


Best Supporting Performance, Female

1. Rosemarie DeWitt, Rachel Getting Married

2. Hanna Schygulla, The Edge of Heaven

3. Penélope Cruz, Vicky Cristina Barcelona

4. Ann Savage, My Winnipeg

5. Samantha Morton, Synecdoche, New York


Best Direction

1. Jonathan Demme, Rachel Getting Married

2. Jeff Nichols, Shotgun Stories

3. Darren Aronofsky, The Wrestler

4. The Coens, Burn After Reading

5. Fatih Akin, The Edge of Heaven


Best Screenplay

(original or adapted)

1. Jeff Nichols, Shotgun Stories

2. The Coen Brothers, Burn After Reading

3. Andrew Stanton, Jim Reardon, Pete Docter, WALL*E

4. Fatih Akin, The Edge of Heaven

5. Guy Maddin & George Toles, My Winnipeg


Best Cinematography

(film or video)

1. Robert Richardson, Shine a Light

2. Roger Deakins, Doubt

3. Emmanuel Lubezki, Burn After Reading

4. Jody Shapiro, My Winnipeg

5. John Toll, Tropic Thunder


Best Music

(original, adapted, or compiled)

1. Donald Harrison, Jr., Zafer Tawil, Rachel Getting Married

2. Thomas Newman, WALL*E

3. Various Artists, The Wrestler

4. Ry Cooder, My Blueberry Nights

5. Various Artists, The Wackness


Best Cinematic Moment – Not Ranked.

Unknown Legend, Rachel Getting Married

Randy Behind the Deli Counter, The Wrestler

The Opening Heist, The Dark Knight

The U2 sequence, Tell No One

Getting Dressed with the Secretary in Bed, Revolutionary Road

The Ending, Shotgun Stories

Eve's Spin upon First Landing on Earth, WALL*E

The Full Retard, Tropic Thunder

Anything with Ann Savage, My Winnipeg

Singing with Barry Manilow, Hellboy II: The Golden Army


Best Cinematic Breakthrough

1. Jeff Nichols, Shotgun Stories

2. Michael Shannon, Shotgun Stories

3. Jody Hill, The Foot Fist Way

4. Hayley Atwell, Cassandra's Dream, The Duchess

5. Zoe Kazan, Revolutionary Road


Best Body of Work

1. Roger Deakins, Doubt, Revolutionary Road, The Reader

2. Robert Downey, Jr., Tropic Thunder, Iron Man

3. Penelope Cruz, Elegy, Vicky Cristina Barcelona

4. Colin Farrell, In Bruges, Cassandra's Dream

5. Ben Kingsley, Elegy, The Wackness, Transsiberian


 Best Ensemble Performance

1. Rachel Getting Married

2. The Duchess of Langeais

3. Burn After Reading

4. My Blueberry Nights

5. The Edge of Heaven


Best Movie-Related Web Site - Not Ranked

New York Magazine: Film, David Edelstein

New York Press: Film, Armond White

Some Came Running, Glenn Kenny

Sunset Gun, Kim Morgan

GreenCine Daily


10th Anniversary Award, Best Feature Film 1998

1. Late August, Early September

2. Out of Sight

3. Babe: Pig in the City

4. Bulworth

5. Buffalo '66


25th Anniversary Award, Best Feature Film 1983

1. The Right Stuff

2. The King of Comedy

3. Risky Business

4. Videodrome

5. Eureka (needs to be seen to be believed)


50th Anniversary Award, Best Feature Film 1958

1. The Hidden Fortress

2. Touch of Evil

3. The Left Handed Gun

4. Bonjour Tristesse

5. Man of the West

Miscellaneous commentary:

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