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On New Year’s Day 2008, Paul Clark made a resolution: that he would either (1) see 500 movies in the upcoming year, or (2) get involved in a serious relationship in the next twelve months. A year later, Paul hadn’t even come close to his targeted number of movies, but he couldn’t have been happier. Since then, he has made whatever time he can to watch both new releases and classic titles when he’s not spending time with the lovely (and surprisingly supportive) Angela and their son, who they're currently educating in the classics by showing him every episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus. Does Paul miss spending so much time in local arthouses and multiplexes that he could potentially start having his phone calls forwarded there? A bit, perhaps, but the trade-off has been more than worth it.

Also, hi honey!

Paul occasionally scribbles out thoughts on the films he does see at his blog Silly Hats Only. He also enjoys playing Beatles Rock Band, consulting for interesting out-of-the-way destinations, and making up funny voices for his menagerie of pets.


Best Feature-Length Film
1. The Tree of Life
2. Certified Copy
3. Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives
4. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
5. Terri
6. Take Shelter
7. Meek’s Cutoff
8. Hugo
9. Drive
10. Moneyball

Best Lead Performance, Male
1. Michael Shannon, Take Shelter
2. Gary Oldman, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
3. Demian Bichir, A Better Life
4. Jacob Wysocki, Terri
5. Hunter McCracken, The Tree of Life

Best Lead Performance, Female
1. Tilda Swinton, We Need to Talk About Kevin
2. Juliette Binoche, Certified Copy
3. Elizabeth Olsen, Martha Marcy May Marlene
4. Catherine Deneuve, Potiche
5. Rooney Mara, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Best Supporting Performance, Male
1. Brad Pitt, The Tree of Life
2. Albert Brooks, Drive
3. John C. Reilly, Terri
4. Corey Stoll, Midnight in Paris
5. Noah Taylor, Submarine

Best Supporting Performance, Female
1. Karin Viard, Potiche
2. Mirela Orpisor, Tuesday, After Christmas
3. Jessica Chastain, The Tree of Life
4. Mary Page Keller, Beginners
5. Alice Barnole, House of Pleasures

Best Direction
1. Terrence Malick, The Tree of Life
2. Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives
3. Tomas Alfredson, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
4. Abbas Kiarostami, Certified Copy
5. Jeff Nichols, Take Shelter

Best Screenplay
1. Certified Copy
2. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
3. Terri
4. Moneyball
5. Take Shelter

Best Cinematography
1. The Tree of Life (Emmanuel Lubezki)
2. We Need to Talk About Kevin (Seamus McGarvey)
3. House of Pleasures (Josée Deshaies)
4. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (Hoyte van Hoytema)
5. Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (Sayombhu Mukdeeprom/Yukontorn Mingmongkon/Charin Pengpanich)

Best Editing
1. The Tree of Life
2. Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol
3. We Need to Talk About Kevin
4. Moneyball
5. Hugo

Best Music 
1. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (Alberto Iglesias et al)
2. The Tree of Life (Alexandre Desplat et al)
3. Drive (Cliff Martinez et al)
4. Hanna (Chemical Brothers)
5. Rango (Hans Zimmer)

Best Cinematic Moment
1. Take Shelter – opening the cellar door
2. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy – “La Mer” (finale)
3. The Tree of Life – childhood, set to “Moldau”
4. Heartbeats – slow-motion party arrival to “Jump Around”
5. La Quattro Volte – Easter processional and accident
6. The Tree of Life – creation sequence
7. Tuesday, After Christmas – confession
8. Certified Copy – honeymoon memories in the hotel room (climactic scene)
9. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol – parking garage fight
10. Terri – Mr. Fitzgerald talks about caring

Best Cinematic Breakthrough
1. Brad Bird – director, Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol
2. Elizabeth Olsen – actor, Martha Marcy May Marlene
3. Jessica Chastain – actor, The Tree of Life/Take Shelter/The Debt
4. Jacob Wysocki – actor, Terri
5. Rooney Mara – actor, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Best Body of Work
1. Brad Pitt – actor/producer, The Tree of Life/Moneyball
2. John C. Reilly – actor, Terri/We Need to Talk About Kevin/Carnage
3. Jessica Chastain – actor, Tree of Life/Take Shelter/The Debt
4. Michael Giacchino – music, Super 8/Cars 2/Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol/50/50
5. Christopher Plummer – actor, Beginners/The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Best Ensemble Performance
1. Moneyball
2. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
3. Terri
4. House of Pleasures
5. Meek’s Cutoff

Best Web-Based Criticism

10th Anniversary Award, Best Feature Film 2001
1. Waking Life – Richard Linklater
2. The Royal Tenenbaums – Wes Anderson
3. Mulholland Dr. – David Lynch
4. The Man Who Wasn’t There – Joel Coen
5. Gosford Park – Robert Altman

25th Anniversary Award, Best Feature Film 1986
1. The Sacrifice – Andrei Tarkovsky
2. Blue Velvet – David Lynch
3. Hannah and Her Sisters – Woody Allen
4. The Fly – David Cronenberg
5. Something Wild – Jonathan Demme

50th Anniversary Award, Best Feature Film 1961
1. West Side Story – Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins
2. The Hustler – Robert Rossen
3. Lola – Jacques Demy
4. Yojimbo – Akira Kurosawa
5. One, Two, Three – Billy Wilder

Special Award: Best Film of the 1990s
1. Satantango (1994, Bela Tarr)
2. Dead Man (1995, Jim Jarmusch)
3. Three Colors: Red (1994, Krzystzof Kieslowski)
4. Heavenly Creatures (1994, Peter Jackson)
5. The Age of Innocence (1993, Martin Scorsese)
6. Audition (1999, Takashi Miike)
7. After Life (1998, Hirokazu Kore-eda)
8. Joan the Maid (1994, Jacques Rivette)
9. Glengarry Glen Ross (1992, James Foley)
10. Buffalo ’66 (1998, Vincent Gallo)

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