Robert Heller 2009

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Robert Heller is a good dude, and he likes movies. What more do you need to know?


Best Feature-Length Film
1. Inglorious Basterds
2. Up
3. Public Enemies
4. Where the Wild Things Are
5. Star Trek
6. The Hangover
7. The Hurt Locker
8. Anvil! The Story of Anvil
9. The Soloist
10. Fantastic Mr. Fox

Best Lead Performance, Male
1. Johnny Depp, Public Enemies
2. Brad Pitt, Inglorious Basterds
3. George Clooney, Up in the Air
4. Matt Damon, The Informant!
5. Jamie Foxx, The Soloist

Best Lead Performance, Female
1. Melanie Laurent, Inglorious Basterds
2. Julia Roberts, Duplicity
3. Marion Cotillard, Public Enemies
4. Vera Farmiga, Up in the Air
5. Alison Lohman, Drag Me To Hell

Best Supporting Performance, Male
1. Christoph Waltz, Inglorious Basterds
2. Zach Galifianakis, The Hangover
3. Jackie Earle Haley, Watchmen
4. Karl Urban, Star Trek
5. Anton Yelchin, Star Trek

Best Supporting Performance, Female
1. Rinko Kikuchi, The Brothers Bloom
2. Anna Kendrick, Up in the Air
3. Diane Kruger, Inglorious Basterds
4. Sigourney Weaver, Avatar
5. Zoe Saldana, Star Trek

Best Direction
1. J.J. Abrams, Star Trek
2. Quentin Tarantino, Inglorious Basterds
3. Sam Raimi, Drag Me to Hell
4. Woody Allen, Whatever Works
5. Michael Mann, Public Enemies

Best Screenplay
1. Jesse Armstrong, Simon Blackwell, Armando Iannucci & Tony Roche, In the Loop

2. Judd Apatow, Funny People
3. Rian Johnson, The Brothers Bloom
4. Bahareh Azimi & Ramin Bahrani, Goodbye Solo
5. Henry Selick, Coraline

Best Cinematography
1. Trent Opaloch, District 9
2. Oren Peli, Paranormal Activity
3. Dan Mindel, Star Trek
4. Barry Ackroyd, The Hurt Locker
5. Robert Richardson, Inglorious Basterds

Best Music
1. The Informant!
2. Avatar
3. Inglorious Basterds
4. Anvil! The Story of Anvil
5. The Hangover

Best Cinematic Moment 
1. John Cusack outrunning  L.A. sinking into the ocean - 2012
2. Eli Roth shooting Hitler full of holes - Inglorious Basterds
3. Kirk running from the giant monster - Star Trek
4. The guys stealing Mike Tyson’s tiger - The Hangover
5. Eli Roth’s Intro scene - Inglorious Basterds
6. The Tree being pulled down - Avatar
7. Death by cinema: Shoshanna burns down her theatre to kill the Nazi High Command - Inglorious Basterds
8. Bang-Bang’s accidental explosion ("Fuck me.") - The Brothers Bloom
9. Optimus Prime dies! - Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
10. Snake-eyes vs. Stormshadow - G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Best Cinematic Breakthrough
1. Neill Blomkamp, District 9
2. James Cameron, Avatar
3. Henry Selick, Coraline
4. Max Records, Where the Wild Things Are
5. Zach Galifianakis, The Hangover

Best Body of Work
1. George Clooney (Up in the Air, Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Men Who Stare at Goats)
2. James Gandolfini (Where the Wild Things Are, In the Loop)
3. Catherine Keener (Where the Wild Things Are, The Soloist)
4. Zoe Saldana (Star Trek, Avatar)
5. Zach Galifianakis (The Hangover, Up in the Air)

Best Ensemble Performance
1. The Hangover
2. Star Trek
3. Funny People
4. Adventureland
5. Fantastic Mr. Fox

10th Anniversary Award, Best Feature Film 1999
1. South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut
2. The Blair Witch Project
3. The Sixth Sense
4. Fight Club
5. The Green Mile

25th Anniversary Award, Best Feature Film 1984
1. Ghostbusters
2. The Karate Kid
3. Beverly Hills Cop
4. This Is Spinal Tap
5. The Terminator

Best Film of the Decade
1. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
2. Gladiator
3. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
4. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
5. The Dark Knight

6. Cloverfield

7. Requiem for a Dream

8. A Beautiful Mind

9. Clerks 2

10. Memento

Best Performance of the Decade, Male
1. Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight
2. Clint Eastwood, Gran Torino
3. Casey Affleck, Gone Baby Gone
4. Mickey Rourke, The Wrestler
5. Robert Downey, Jr., Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Best Performance of the Decade, Female
1. Uma Thurman, Kill Bill: Vol. 1
2. Meryl Streep, Doubt
3. Ellen Page, Juno
4. Ellen Burstyn, Requiem for a Dream
5. Maggie Smith, Keeping Mum

Best Directorial Body of Work of the Decade
1. Martin Scorcese
2. Quentin Tarantino
3. Peter Jackson
4. The Coen Brothers
5. Michael Moore

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