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Trevor Link lives and works in Washington, D.C. In addition to writing about film and music for Spectrum Culture, he also writes at his blog Journey by Frame.


Best Feature-Length Film
1. This Is Not a Film (Jafar Panahi & Mojtaba Mirtahmasb)
2. Cloud Atlas (Lana Wachowski & Tom Tykwer & Andy Wachowski)
3. Holy Motors (Leos Carax)
4. The Turin Horse (Béla Tarr)
5. The Master (Paul Thomas Anderson)
6. Moonrise Kingdom (Wes Anderson)
7. Silver Linings Playbook (David O. Russell)
8. Damsels in Distress (Whit Stillman)
9. The Kid With a Bike (Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne)
10. Step Up Revolution (Scott Speer)

Best Lead Performance, Male
1. Joaquin Phoenix (The Master)
2. Denis Lavant (Holy Motors)
3. Bradley Cooper (Silver Linings Playbook)
4. Jack Black (Bernie)
5. Daniel Day-Lewis (Lincoln)

Best Lead Performance, Female
1. Greta Gerwig (Damsels in Distress)
2. Jennifer Lawrence (Silver Linings Playbook)
3. Keira Knightley (Anna Karenina)
4. Rachel Weisz (The Deep Blue Sea)
5. Gina Carano (Haywire)

Best Supporting Performance, Male
1. Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight Rises)
2. Ben Whishaw (Cloud Atlas)
3. Matthew McConaughey (Magic Mike)
4. Christoph Walz (Django Unchained)
5. Ezra Miller (The Perks of Being a Wallflower)

Best Supporting Performance, Female
1. Bae Doona (Cloud Atlas)
2. Anne Hathaway (The Dark Knight Rises)
3. Macy Gray (The Paperboy)
4. Tilda Swinton (Moonrise Kingdom)
5. Amy Adams (The Master)

Best Direction
1. Lana Wachowski & Tom Tykwer & Andy Wachowski (Cloud Atlas)
2. Leos Carax (Holy Motors)
3. Paul Thomas Anderson (The Master)
4. Quentin Tarantino (Django Unchained)
5. Wes Anderson (Moonrise Kingdom)

Best Screenplay
1. Cloud Atlas
2. Django Unchained
3. Moonrise Kingdom
4. Damsels in Distress
5. Zero Dark Thirty

Best Cinematography
1. The Turin Horse
2. The Master
3. Moonrise Kingdom
4. Tabu
5. Once Upon a Time in Anatolia

Best Editing
1. Cloud Atlas
2. Step Up Revolution
3. Magic Mike
4. Django Unchained 
5. Zero Dark Thirty

Best Music
1. The Master
2. Django Unchained
3. Moonrise Kingdom
4. Not Fade Away
5. Flight

Best Cinematic Moment 
1. The Master: First “processing” scene
3. Step Up Revolution: Museum flash mob dance sequence
4. Not Fade Away: Ending
5. Moonrise Kingdom: Dancing on the beach
7. Django Unchained: Shootout at the plantation (before Django gets captured)
8. The Paperboy: Nicole Kidman pisses on Zac Efron
9. Magic Mike: “Pony” dance sequence
10. Flight: The crash

Best Cinematic Breakthrough
1. Channing Tatum
2. Matthew McConaughey
3. Bradley Cooper
4. Lee Daniels
5. Joachim Trier

Best Body of Work 
1. Matthew McConaughey
2. Channing Tatum
3. Steven Soderbergh
4. Paul Rudd
5. Bruce Willis

Best Ensemble Performance
1. Cloud Atlas
2. Damsels in Distress
3. The Dark Knight Rises
4. Moonrise Kingdom
5. Magic Mike

10th Anniversary Award, Best Feature Film 2002
1. Lilja 4-ever (Lukas Moodysson)
2. Ten (Abbas Kiarostami)
3. Oasis (Lee Chang-dong)
4. Far from Heaven (Todd Haynes)
5. Russian Ark (Alexander Sokurov)

25th Anniversary Award, Best Feature Film 1987
1. Full Metal Jacket (Stanley Kubrick)
2. The Cyclist (Mohsen Makhmalbaf)
3. Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story (Todd Haynes)
4. Radio Days (Woody Allen)
5. Where Is the Friend's House? (Abbas Kiarostami)

50th Anniversary Award, Best Feature Film 1962
1. An Autumn Afternoon (Yasujiro Ozu)
2. The Exterminating Angel (Luis Buńuel)
3. Hatari! (Howard Hawks)
4. Mamma Roma (Pier Paolo Pasolini)
5. Carnival of Souls (Herk Harvey)

Special Award: Best Film of the 1970s
1. Death in Venice (Luchino Visconti)
2. Stalker (Andrei Tarkovsky)
3. Chloe in the Afternoon (Eric Rohmer)
4. Halloween (John Carpenter)
5. Trash (Paul Morrissey)
6. Xala (Ousmane Sembene)
7. Last Tango in Paris (Bernardo Bertolucci)
8. A Woman Under the Influence (John Cassavetes)
9. Traffic (Jacques Tati)
10. Claire’s Knee (Eric Rohmer)

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