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Matt Lotti runs Cinematic Threads. Says he: "I would just like to say I am delighted to take part in a fun, community-oriented award ensemble, and even more delighted that it may have something to do with Toni Collette."


Best Film


2. Happy-Go-Lucky

3. In the City of Sylvia

4. Before I Forget

5. Vicky Cristina Barcelona

6. Encounters at the End of the World

7. Gran Torino

8. Heavy Metal in Baghdad

9. Let the Right One In

10. Burn After Reading


Best Actor

1. Josh Brolin, W.

2. Kĺre Hedebrant, Let the Right One In

3. Sean Penn, Milk

4. Chiwetel Ejiofor, Redbelt

5. Tadanobu Asano, Mongol


Best Actress

1. Sally Hawkins, Happy-Go-Lucky

2. Lina Leandersson, Let the Right One In

3. Anamaria Marinca, 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days

4. Frances McDormand, Burn After Reading

5. Ann Savage, My Winnipeg


Best Supporting Actor

1. Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight

2. Josh Brolin, Milk

3. John Malkovich, Burn After Reading

4. Haaz Sleiman, The Visitor

5. Richard Jenkins, Step Brothers


Best Supporting Actress
1. Penélope Cruz, Vicky Cristina Barcelona

2. Rebecca Hall, Vicky Cristina Barcelona

3. Elizabeth Banks, W.

4. Hiam Abbass, The Visitor

5. Kathryn Hahn, Step Brothers


Best Director

1. Andrew Stanton, WALL*E

2. Woody Allen, Vicky Cristina Barcelona

3. José Luis Guerín, In the City of Sylvia


Best Screenplay

1. Andrew Stanton, Pete Docter and Jim Reardon, WALL*E

2. Woody Allen, Vicky Cristina Barcelona

3. Mike Leigh (and his Cast), Happy-Go-Lucky


Best Cinematographer

1. Alexis Zabe, Silent Light

2. Toyomichi Kurita, Sukiyaki Western Django

3. Peter Zeitlinger, Encounters at the End of the World


Best Cinematic Moment

1. Deranged Penguin, Encounters at the End of the World

2. Date Night, WALL*E

3. Boats 'N Hoes, Step Brothers

4. I Killed a Spook, Burn After Reading

5. GET OFF MY LAWN, Gran Torino


Best Body of Work

1. Barfightin' Josh Brolin

2. Barfightin' Jeffrey Wright

3. James Franco

4. Richard Jenkins

5. Pixar


Best Ensemble Performance

1. Happy-Go-Lucky

2. Milk

3. Vicky Cristina Barcelona


10th Anniversary Award, Best Feature Film 1998

1. Rushmore

2. The Thin Red Line

3. The Celebration

4. Dark City

5. The Big Lebowski


25th Anniversary Award, Best Feature Film 1983

1. Scarface

2. L'Argent

3. El Norte

4. Star 80

5. Sans Soleil


50th Anniversary Award, Best Feature Film 1958

1. Vertigo

2. The Hidden Fortress

3. Mon Oncle

4. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

5. The Defiant Ones

Miscellaneous commentary:


Those Obscure Objects of Desire

1. Olga Kurylenko, Quantum of Solace

2. Gemma Arterton, Quantum of Solace

3. Kristen Bell, Forgetting Sarah Marshall

4. Keira Knightley, This Year's British Costume Drama

5. Alexis Dziena, Fool's Gold


Best DVD Releases of the Year

1. Sátántangó (Facets)

2. Budd Boetticher Box Set (Sony)

3. The Films of Sergei Paradjanov (Kino)

4. "Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!" Season 1 (Warner/Adult Swim)

5. Patriotism (Criterion)

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