Best Cinematic Moment, 2008

List of Winners
Muriels HOF
Top 10 Lists
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WALL*E Space Dance

1. WALL*E – space dance (104 points/9 votes)

2. The Wrestler – Randy’s first day behind the deli counter (94.5/9)
3. Encounters at the End of the World – deranged penguin (90/8)
4. The Wrestler – The Ram vs. The Ayatollah and the final Ram-Jam (64.5/7)
5. Burn After Reading – Clooney/Pitt reunion (63.5/6)

6. The Dark Knight – But first, a magic trick… (63/6)
7. Rachel Getting Married – “Unknown Legend” (59/5)
8. Man on Wire – between the towers (56/6)
9. Let the Right One In – swimming pool of death (54/6)
10. The Dark Knight – Batman interrogates Joker (51.5/5)
11. In the City of Sylvia – sketching coffee shop patrons (50.5/4)
12. Be Kind Rewind – sweding montage (49/5)
13. Young @ Heart – “Fix You” (47/4)
14. The Dark Knight – Nurse Joker exits the hospital (46/4)
15. (tie) Rachel Getting Married – dishwasher contest (41/4)
15. (tie) Speed Racer – Grand Prix (41/4)
17. Silent Light – kiss and lens flare explosion (39/3)
18. Cloverfield – Lady Liberty’s head (35/3)
19. Rachel Getting Married – rehearsal dinner and toasts (32/4)
20. Burn After Reading – “what did we learn?” [final scene] (30/3)
21. WALL*E – alone on Earth [opening sequence] (29/3)
22. The Dark Knight – chase/truck flip (28/3)
23. Burn After Reading – Clooney’s creation unveiled (27/3)
24. (tie) A Christmas Tale – Sylvia confronts Simon, fireworks ensue (26/2)
24. (tie) The Dark Knight – opening heist (26/2)
24. (tie) Happy-Go-Lucky – dance class (26/2)
24. (tie) The Wrestler – The Ram vs. Necrobutcher (26/2)
28. Waltz With Bashir – opening sequence (25/3)
29. Encounters at the End of the World – underwater tracking shot of ice shelf (25/2)
30. Tropic Thunder – “you never go full retard.” (24/3)
31. (tie) Redbelt – how to defend yourself against a would-be rapist with a knife (24/2)
31. (tie) Still Life – switching storylines (24/2)
33. The Dark Knight – Joker hanging out of the police car window (23.5/2)
34. Forgetting Sarah Marshall – “Dracula’s Lament” [in bar] (23/3)
35. (tie) Pineapple Express – Dale vs. Saul vs. Red (23/2)
35. (tie) Rachel Getting Married – Kym visits her mom (23/2)
37. The Secret of the Grain – belly dance (22/3)
38. Burn After Reading – “appearances may be deceptive…” [car rendezvous] (22/2)
39. Slumdog Millionaire – Jamal runs “all the way” (21.5)
40. (tie) 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days – late night disposal (21/2)
40. (tie) Happy-Go-Lucky – the last driving lesson (21/2)
40. (tie) The Strangers – “Mama Tried” (21/2)
43. JCVD – the monologue (19/2)
44. Gran Torino – “get off my lawn.” (18.5/2)
45. (tie) Hellboy II: The Golden Army – The Elemental (18/2)
45. (tie) WALL*E – EVE’s first spin on Earth (18/2)
47. (tie) Forgetting Sarah Marshall – premiere of “Dracula: The Musical” (17/2)
47. (tie) Kung Fu Panda – Tai Lung’s escape (17/2)
47. (tie) Silent Light – sunrise (17/2)
50. (tie) A Christmas Tale – Amalric falls flat on his face (16/2)
50. (tie) Funny Games – be unkind rewind (16/2)
50. (tie) Gran Torino – “Yeah, I got a light.” [the showdown] (16/2)
50. (tie) Synecdoche, New York – Hazel’s burning house (16/2)
50. (tie) The Visitor – Walter makes his own kind of music [final shot] (16/2)
55. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – nuclear test (15.5/2)
56. (tie) Doubt – Sister Aloysius walks with Mrs. Miller (15/2)
56. (tie) Hellboy II: The Golden Army – “I Can’t Smile Without You” (15/2)
56. (tie) Revolutionary Road – a rude dinner guest (15/2)
59. (tie) Happy-Go-Lucky – the homeless man (14/2)
59. (tie) Kung Fu Panda – “there is no charge for awesomeness- or attractiveness.” [opening] (14/2)

Gran Torino – “what are you spooks up to?” (12/2)
Shotgun Stories – glimpsing scars on Son’s back (11/2)

The following moments received one vote apiece:
4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days – dinner party
Bolt – how to get your head un-stuck
Boy A – Andrew Garfield tripping on ecstasy at the night club
Burn After Reading – a late-night call / “is this… Osborne Cox???”
Che – death of Che
Che – siege of Santa Clara
Che – rebuttal at the U.N.
Chicago 10 – Bobby Seale gets silenced
Choke – “Poodle!”
Chop Shop – a flutter of pigeons
A Christmas Tale – face plant
A Christmas Tale – saying goodbye to Faunia
A Christmas Tale – mother and son on a bench
A Christmas Tale – family history puppet show
The Class – a misunderstanding over the word “skank”
The Class – Souleymane translates his mother’s pleas
Cloverfield – Cloverfield monster vs. NY National Guard
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – Benjamin closes his eyes for the last time
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – elderly Daisy kisses boy Benjamin
The Dark Knight – upside-down Joker
Diary of the Dead – “I’m Samuel Hello”
Doubt – Sister Aloysius vs. Father Flynn face-off
Doubt – “Frosty the Snowman” conversation
The Duchess of Langeais – “Steel against steel”
The Edge of Heaven – Hanna Schygulla wakes up, looks at the audience
The Edge of Heaven – Ending
Encounters at the End of the World – underwater scenes
Encounters at the End of the World – “gay penguins?”
The Fall – “all the visuals”
The Fall – swimming elephants
Flawless – ending
Flight of the Red Balloon – Binoche unveils her witch voice
Flight of the Red Balloon – mirror images
Flight of the Red Balloon – floating balloon
Frost/Nixon – Nixon finally breaks
Frozen River – looking for the bag
Gran Torino – “Is that those chicken dumplings?”
Gran Torino – “Get your o-fay paddy ass outta here!”
The Happening – running from the wind!
Happy-Go-Lucky – Poppy in the classroom
Harold and Kumar: Escape From Guantanamo Bay – Emo Harold
Hellboy II: The Golden Army – troll market
In Bruges – “Did you just call my kids cunts?”
In Bruges – karate chopping the dwarf
In Bruges – monologue murder confession
In Bruges – showdown in the tower
In Bruges – dinner with Chloe
In Bruges – “…which I did already say about before”
In Bruges – American tourists [“you’re a bunch of elephants!”]
In the City of Sylvia – following Sylvia
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – ants!
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – motorcycle chase through university
Iron Man – cold open
Iron Man – Tony vs. an overzealous fire extinguisher
Iron Man – Tony demonstrates Stark Industries’ new bomb
Iron Man – open-heart surgery
Iron Man – “I am Iron Man.”
Iron Man – “Yeah, I can fly.”
Iron Man – Downey argues with Bridges over pizza
Lakeview Terrace – “what is it with white people and ‘whatever’?”
The Last Mistress – licking the wound
Let the Right One In – what happens when Eli comes in uninvited
Let the Right One In – not inviting the vampire inside
Let the Right One In – cat takedown
Let the Right One In – beware of falling bodies
Love Songs – ghostly visitation
The Man From London – barroom antics
Man on Wire – hiding from security
Milk – Harvey’s 40th birthday in bed
Milk – Milk’s funeral procession, with doc footage
Milk – assassinations
Mister Lonely – a dozen eggs
Momma’s Man – Indigo Girls
My Winnipeg – frozen horses
My Winnipeg – anything with Ann Savage
OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies – suspicious spies trade cryptic proverbs
OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies – memories of paddle-ball on the beach
Paranoid Park – burying the journal
Paranoid Park – skateboarding footage
Paranoid Park – shower
Pathology – ending
Pineapple Express – Saul watching “227” alone
Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead – “Slow Fast Food Love”
Profit motive and the whispering wind – Sacco and Vanzetti
Rachel Getting Married – Kym and Rachel visit the hair salon
Rachel Getting Married – Kym tells the story about her brother
Rachel Getting Married – Rachel bathes Kym
Rambo – final battle scene
The Reader – Hanna hears the music
The Reader – Michael leans he’s in for more than just a bath
The Reader – “so that’s why you came back.”
Red – Avery’s story
Revolutionary Road – “a swell breakfast”
Revolutionary Road – getting dressed with the secretary
Revolutionary Road – April screams
Revolutionary Road – “every Michael Shannon moment”
Revolutionary Road – 20-second sex scenes
Role Models – Battle Royale with KISS
The Romance of Astrea and Celadon – Astrea’s bare breast in bed
The Ruins – “why won’t you look at me?”
Sex and the City: The Movie – “my girlfriend’s decision to walk out” (Lucas McNelly)
Shotgun Stories – ending
The Silence Before Bach – the moving piano [opening shot]
Silent Light – swimming
Slumdog Millionaire – young Jamal meets Amitabh Bachchan
Slumdog Millionaire – “Paper Planes” and trains
Slumdog Millionaire – Jamal kisses Latika’s scar
Speed Racer – surprise driver at Casa Cristo
Step Brothers – sleepwalking
Step Brothers – “Boats’n’Hoes”
Step Brothers – Dale and Brennan grill their folks
The Strangers – “Is Tamara home?”
Stuck – the poodle gnaws on Stephen Rea’s protruding leg bone
Synecdoche, New York – Sammy jumps
Synecdoche, New York – the new theatre
Synecdoche, New York – actors playing actors
Synecdoche, New York – the final instructions for Caden
Synecdoche, New York – opening scene
Synecdoche, New York – funeral sermon
Teeth – gynecologist’s office
Tell No One – U2 sequence
Tell No One – chase through Paris
Tropic Thunder – Les Grossman’s dance
Tropic Thunder – “I get excited about my foods, man.”
Tropic Thunder – “Simple Jack” trailer
Tropic Thunder – Fake trailers opening
Tropic Thunder – Damian’s head
Tropic Thunder – Downey’s entire performance
Trouble the Water – Kimberly Rivers Roberts performs “Amazing”
U2:3D – “Miss Sarajevo”
Up the Yangtze – time-lapse shot of the river rising
Valkyrie – bomb under table
Vicky Cristina Barcelona – Bardem meets the girls
Vicky Cristina Barcelona – Bardem/Hall seduction
WALL*E – WALL*E cares for shut-down EVE
WALL*E – EVE takes WALL*E’s hand
WALL*E – WALL*E watches “Hello, Dolly!”
WALL*E – WALL*E shows EVE his collection
WALL*E – date night
WALL*E – journey through space
Waltz With Bashir – waltzing
Waltz With Bashir – giant woman hallucination
Wendy and Lucy – Wendy finds Lucy
Wendy and Lucy – hello and goodbye to Lucy
Wendy and Lucy – a generous donation
Wendy and Lucy – Wendy waves to Lucy just before she gets detained
Woman on the Beach – a most curious diagram
The Wrestler – Randy lets his daughter down… again
The Wrestler – Randy quits the deli
XXY – sex surprise
Zidane: a 21st Century Portrait – Zidane sets up a goal