Best Cinematic Moment, 2012

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1. Holy Motors - Entr'acte ("Let My Baby Ride") [263 points / 22 votes]

2. The Master - Freddie's first processing [215 points / 19 votes]
3. Prometheus - automated C-section [142.5 points / 15 points]
4. The Loneliest Planet - the Incident [114 points / 11 votes]
5. The Cabin in the Woods - all hell breaks loose [111 points / 11 votes]
6. Flight - plane crash [94.5/10]
7. Moonrise Kingdom - On the beach ("Le Temps de l'Amour") [88.5/9]
8. Holy Motors - motion capture sexytime [87/8]
9. Zero Dark Thirty - raid on Abbottabad [74/7]
10. Skyfall - Shanghai nights [71/8]

11. The Deep Blue Sea - "Molly Malone" in the Underground [71/7]
12. Take This Waltz - "Video Killed the Radio Star" [69/7]
13. Oslo, August 31st - cafe eavesdropping [68/6]
14. Haywire - Carano vs. Fassbender [58.5/6]
15. Les Miserables - "I Dreamed a Dream" [50/4]
16. Killer Joe - K-Fried-C for dinner [49/6]
17. Beyond the Black Rainbow - 1966 [46/4]
18. The Avengers - "Puny god" (Hulk smash Loki) [44/6]
19. This Is Not a Film - telling a film [44/4]
20. The Kid With a Bike - tree scene [43/4]
21. The Dark Knight Rises - Bane's skyjacking [41/4]
22. Looper - diner face off [38/4]
23. Looper - going to pieces [34/3]
24. This Must Be the Place - David Byrne [33/3]
25. Looper - 30 years [32/3]
26. Magic Mike - "Pony" dance number [29/3]
27. (tie) Cosmopolis - medical exam [27/3]
Holy Motors - the return of Merde [27/3]
Life of Pi - shipwreck [27/3]
30. The Turin Horse - opening shot [27/2]
31. Skyfall - pre-credits sequence [26/2]
32. Step Up Revolution - Fine Art Museum dance number [24/2]
33. Wanderlust - you talkin' to Rudd? [23/3]
34. Amour - Anne refuses to eat [23/2]
35. The Avengers - Black Widow gets a phone call [22.5/2]
36. The Turin Horse - the lights go out [22/2]
37. Life of Pi - flying fish [21/2]
38. (tie) Django Unchained - shootout at Candie's house [20/2]
It's Such a Beautiful Day - the pipe is leaking [20/2]
40. (tie) Argo - getting through the airport [19/2]
The Deep Blue Sea - swirling bodies cross dissolve [19/2]
42. (tie) Amour - Georges shows mercy [18/2]
Beasts of the Southern Wild - Hushpuppy and the Auroch [18/2]
Django Unchained - a lesson in phrenology [18/2]
Les Miserables - Fantine's return [18/2]
46. (tie) Killing Them Softly - "Love Letters" killing [17/2]
Savages - what really happened [17/2]
Seven Psychopaths - Billy's ending [17/2]
Zero Dark Thirty - extended torture sequence [17/2]
50. (tie) Bernie - "Texas could be five different states, really." [16/2]
Django Unchained - eye hole trouble [16/2]
The Grey - final scene [16/2]
Once Upon a Time in Anatolia - tea is served [16/2]
54. Skyfall - meeting Silva [15.5/2]
55. The Master - "Slow Boat to China" [15/2]
56. (tie) The Cabin in the Woods - REO Speedwagon party [14/2]
Life of Pi - carnivorous island [14/2]
58. (tie) Beasts of the Southern Wild - prostitutes dancing with the young girls [14/1]
The Five-Year Engagement - Cookie Monster and Elmo [14/1]
It's Such a Beautiful Day - until the end of time (ending) [14/1]
The Master - "I'll Go No More A-Roving" [14/1]
This Is Not a Film - final shot [14/1]
The Turin Horse - degradation of humanity [14/1]
64. Post Mortem - burying them alive [13/2]

The following moments received one vote apiece:

21 Jump Street - "are you guys on drugs?"
21 Jump Street - f*** you, Miles Davis
4:44 Last Day on Earth - a man jumps
Almayer's Folly - final shot
Amour - Anne's stroke
Amour - dream sequence
Amour - leaving with the Mrs.
Anna Karenina - at the ball with Count Vronsky
Argo - Argo f*** yourself
Argo - protestors storm US Embassy
Attenberg - "Tous les Garcons et les Filles de Mon Age"
The Avengers - "That's my secret, Cap; I'm always angry."
The Avengers - Iron Man vs. Thor
The Avengers - shawarma
Barbara - a bit of hesitation on Barbara's face before kissing Andre
Beasts of the Southern Wild - final procession
Beasts of the Southern Wild - opening
Bernie - courtroom interrogation
Bernie - opening address
Bestiaire - angry zebras
Brave - mother and daughter finally communicate
Cloud Atlas - the awful truth about fast food
Cloud Atlas - opening ten minutes
Cloud Atlas - Sixsmith's china shop reverie
Cloud Atlas - Tom Hanks, Cockney gangster
The Color Wheel - at the cabin
The Comedy - taxi hip-hop
Cosmopolis - "I know nothing of this"
The Dark Knight Rises - blowing up Heinz Field
The Dark Knight Rises - breaking Batman
Dark Shadows - "Nights in White Satin"
Dark Shadows - the Cooper woman sings "Ballad of Dwight Frye"
The Deep Blue Sea - "You Belong to Me"
Detention - 19 years of detention
Detention - Starclaw
The Dish and the Spoon - Rose and the boy dance in empty theater
Django Unchained - "I've Got a Name"
Django Unchained - Candie catches on
Django Unchained - dinner with Candie
Django Unchained - handshake deal
Django Unchained - QT blown to bits
Django Unchained - Steven's private meeting with Candie
Django Unchained - stopping for a beer and the sheriff
Dredd - breach and clear (slo-mo bullet to the face)
Dredd - Ma-Ma's death
The Expendables 2 - Stallone, Schwarzegger, and Willis shooting up stuff
Flying Swords of Dragon Gate - sword fighting inside a tornado
Footnote - Eliezer figures out his son is behind the letter
Gerhard Richter Painting - Richter underlines the pointlessness of talking about painting
Girl Walk // All Day - dance with me
Girl Walk // All Day - girl finding dance partners throughout Central Park
Girl Walk // All Day - subway explodes into dance
The Grey - "F*** it, I'll do it myself."
The Grey - "You're dying."
The Grey - plane crash
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Misty Mountains
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - stone giants sequence (in 48fps)
Holy Motors - Kylie Minogue's song at the Samaritaine
How to Survive a Plague - "this is a PLAGUE!"
How to Survive a Plague - ashes on the White House lawn
How to Survive a Plague - reveal of the ACT UP activists
I wish - not making a wish
The Impossible - Henry phones home
The Impossible - Lucas reunites father and son
The Impossible - tsunami strikes
The Impossible - mother and son fight to reach each other through the flood waters
The Imposter - “I guess I didn’t have to worry about Nicholas Barclay walking in the door anymore…”
The Imposter - dancing the demons away
Indie Game: The Movie - hotel freakout
It's Such a Beautiful Day - introductory scene
Jiro Dreams of Sushi - Jiro's son describing his decades-long apprenticeship
John Carter - playing with the new gravity
Keep the Lights On - hotel threesome
Keep the Lights On - "I'm not gonna leave, no matter what."
Killing Them Softly - "Now f***in' pay me."
Killing Them Softly - Pitt and Gandolfini have drinks
Last Days Here - Pentagram's triumphant Bowery show
Life of Pi - "what are you looking at?"
Life of Pi - Richard Parker looks up at Pi from the ocean
Life of Pi - Richard Parker's vision of the universe
Lincoln - cart full of limbs
Lincoln - Day-Lewis and Field clash
Lincoln - Lincoln explains why the 13th Amendment is necessary
Lincoln - Mrs. Thaddeus Stevens
Lincoln - Stephens ponders whether all men are equal
The Loneliest Planet - "Don Gato" (long campfire scene)
Looper - "I'm from the future; go to Hong Kong."
Looper - "So I changed it."
Magic Mike - "fresher s**t."
Magic Mike - "Ladies of Tampa"
Magic Mike - thrusting lessons
The Master - Freddie and the sand woman
The Master - "Is it poison?" "Not if you drink it right."
The Master - jail argument
The Master - up close and personal with the portrait subject
Men in Black III - a universe of possibilities (ballpark)
Middle of Nowhere - Lorraine Toussaint gets angry at dinner
Les Miserables - "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables"
Moonrise Kingdom - climactic storm
Moonrise Kingdom - letter montage
Moonrise Kingdom - Murray and McDormand stare at the ceiling
Moonrise Kingdom - opening ("A Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra")
Moonrise Kingdom - runaways discovered ("best pitched camp I've ever seen")
Not Fade Away - "Down So Low"
Not Fade Away - "Roadrunner"
Not Fade Away - Antonionian nighttime stroll
Not Fade Away - ending
Not Fade Away - seeing BLOW-UP
Once Upon a Time in Anatolia - autopsy
Once Upon a Time in Anatolia - opening shot
Once Upon a Time in Anatolia - rolling apple
Oslo, August 31st - failed suicide attempt
Oslo, August 31st - job interview
The Paperboy - Kidman pees on Efron
ParaNorman - an animated character comes out of the closet
The Perks of Being a Wallflower - "Heroes" night drive
The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Sam receives her acceptance letter
Premium Rush - Michael Shannon's "suck it" speech
Premium Rush - "which way should I go?"
Prometheus - David before the awakening
The Queen of Versailles - Jackie's trip to Wal-Mart
The Raid: Redemption - brothers vs. Mad Dog
The Raid: Redemption - Hallway martial arts fight
Red Hook Summer - stations of the cross
Resident Evil: Retribution - fake suburbia under attack
Resident Evil: Retribution - opening action in reverse
Rust and Bone - sex scene
Ruse and Bone - Stephanie imagines conducting the whale show from her wheelchair
Safety Not Guaranteed - Jeff's bender
Samara - slow-motion aerial footage of the pilgrims circling the Qaaba
Searching for Sugar Man - Rodriguez performance in South Africa
Seeking a Friend For the End of the World - visit to Friendsy's
Seven Psychopaths - what's under that cravat?
Silver Linings Playbook - convergence of family issues finishing with a big bet
Silver Linings Playbook - dance contest
Silver Linings Playbook - Pat Sr. opens up
Silver Linings Playbook - Tiffany eavesdrops as Pat defends her honor
Silver Linings Playbook - Tiffany take a swig of beer after winning the argument with Pat Sr.
A Simple Life - Ah Tao checks for dust when she comes to visit
Skyfall - "do you know what cyanide does?"
Skyfall - title sequence
Sound of My Voice - climactic secret handshake
Sound of My Voice - Maggie gets Peter to throw up
Take This Waltz - rotating scene
The Tall Man - prison interview
Ted - Mongo fantasy and the Flash freeze frame
Ted - party with Flash
That's My Boy - strip club extravaganza
To Rome With Love - Monica describes her lesbian affair
The Turin Horse - final shot
The Turin Horse - visitors
Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning - sporting goods store
Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning - Van Damme appears after first strobe scene
V/H/S - end of "Amateur Night" segment
The Wise Kids - Brea loses the words at the Easter pageant
Your Sister's Sister - f*** you, bicycle!
Your Sister's Sister - waiting on the pregnancy test
Zero Dark Thirty - Kuwait City exchange
Zero Dark Thirty - tears (final shot)