Best Cinematic Moment, 2013

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Muriels HOF
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1. ‘Ludes descending a staircase/coming home, The Wolf of Wall Street [342.5 points / 28 votes]

2. Opening shot, Gravity [142 points / 14 votes]
3. Hotel argument, Before Midnight [138 points / 13 votes]
4. Phillips breaks down during examination, Captain Phillips [109 points / 10 votes]
5. “Everytime” / Britney montage, Spring Breakers [94.5 points / 9 votes]
6. Just hanging around, 12 Years a Slave [88.5 points / 10 votes]
7. Look at my sh*t, Spring Breakers [87 points / 8 votes]
8. Opening scene (cows and lightning), Post Tenebras Lux [85 points / 8 votes]
9. Audition for Bud Grossman, Inside Llewyn Davis [75 points / 8 votes]
10. “Please Mr. Kennedy” session, Inside Llewyn Davis [70 points / 7 votes]

11. Breugel lecture, Museum Hours [70/6]
12. Anwar Congo retching, The Act of Killing [69/7]
13. Robbing Audrina’s house, The Bling Ring [68/6]
14. Climactic shootout, Drug War [62/6]
15. Sex surrogate, Her [54/5]
16. Akiko checks her messages, Like Someone in Love [52/4]
17. Piano duet, Stoker [50/7]
18. Fight on the train platform, The Grandmaster [50/6]
19. Patsy gets whipped, 12 Years a Slave [49/5]
20. Frances gets her Denis on to “Modern Love,” Frances Ha [45/4]
21. “Gimme Shelter,” Twenty Feet From Stardom [44/5]
22. Train chase, The Lone Ranger [40/4]
23. Ending (“Faretheewell”), Inside Llewyn Davis [39/3]
24. Last 15 minutes, Spring Breakers [38/4]
25. Re-entry, Gravity [37/4]
26. “Let It Go,” Frozen [35/3]
27. Emma breaks up with Adele, Blue Is the Warmest Color [34/3]
28. Her is cheating on me?, Her [32/3]
29 (tie). Opening shot, Like Someone in Love [31/3]
29 (tie). Brawl in the men’s room, The World’s End [31/3]
31. Malkina mounts the windshield, The Counselor [30/4]
32. Emma and Adele meet in the café, Blue Is the Warmest Color [30/3]
33. Tank chase, Fast & Furious 6 [16/2]
34. “F*CKKKKKKKKKKK!!!”, All Is Lost [27/3]
35. “Ass Cam” jeans commercial, Passion [27/2]
36 (tie). “Every 1’s a Winner” (Paris), Frances Ha [26/3]
36 (tie). Rehearsal seduction, Viola [26/3]
38. Hotel room drug deal, Drug War [26/2]
39. At the ball, Laurence Anyways [25/2]
40. Mont Saint-Michel, To the Wonder [24/3]
41. Jep’s 65th birthday, The Great Beauty [24/2]
42. Ballet/murder split screen, Passion [23/3]
43. Jordan vs. Denham on the yacht, The Wolf of Wall Street [21/4]
44. Lunch with Mark Hanna, The Wolf of Wall Street [21/3]
45 (tie). Ending, Before Midnight [21/2]
45 (tie). Detaching the parachute, Gravity [21/2]
45 (tie). Fish heads, fish heads, Leviathan [21/2]
45 (tie). “Wanna fight,” Only God Forgives [21/2]
45 (tie). “Safe Haven,” V/H/S 2 [21/2]
50. Dinner with daughter, This Is Martin Bonner [19/3]
51 (tie). Reunited, 12 Years a Slave [19/2]
51 (tie). “They knew they were going to die,” The Act of Killing [19/2]
51 (tie). Sydney and Richie hit the disco, American Hustle [19/2]
51 (tie). Conversation over lunch, Before Midnight [19/2]
51 (tie). Basement / Hide and Clap, The Conjuring [19/2]
51 (tie). “All Tomorrow’s Parties” (final shots), The Lords of Salem [19/2]
51 (tie). Kris gets robbed, Upstream Color [19/2]
58. House party scored to Soft Machine, Something in the Air [18/3]
59 (tie). Hand of God?, All Is Lost [18/2]
59 (tie). Bishton with the swinger couple, Computer Chess [18/2]
61 (tie). Misadventures with the science oven, American Hustle [16/2]
61 (tie). Storming the boat, Captain Phillips [16/2]
61 (tie). Eviscerating Stefania, The Great Beauty [16/2]
64 (tie). Ending (“Put Your Love in Me”), Bastards [15/2]
64 (tie). First cybersex with Samantha, Her [15/2]

66 (tie) Lost in a loop, Computer Chess [14/2]
66 (tie). The dwarves barrel down river, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug [14/2]
66 (tie). Singing in hospital room, Museum Hours [14/2]
69 (tie). Lola Creton walks the streets, Bastards [14/1]
69 (tie). Final scene (Jasmine on a park bench), Blue Jasmine [14/1]
69 (tie). Dr. Ryan Stone detaches and spins out, Gravity [14/1]
69 (tie). Woody visits his childhood home, Nebraska [14/1]
69 (tie). “Dancing in the Dark” dance, The Place Beyond the Pines [14/1]
69 (tie). A red devil enters the house, Post Tenebras Lux [14/1]
69 (tie). Final shot, To the Wonder [14/1]
69 (tie). Cut from Paris to America, set to Respighi To the Wonder [14/1]
77 (tie). Car ride to Chicago, Inside Llewyn Davis [13/2]
77 (tie). Closing scene (rock through the window), Like Someone in Love [13/2]
79 (tie). “Roll Jordan Roll,” 12 Years a Slave [13/1]
79 (tie). Last time in the boat, All is Lost [13/1]
79 (tie). Singing “Delilah,” American Hustle [13/1]
79 (tie). Rosalyn angrily kisses Sydney, American Hustle [13/1]
79 (tie). Double impersonation, Drug War [13/1]
79 (tie). Playground shootout, Drug War [13/1]
79 (tie). Raid on the mute brothers’ hideout, Drug War [13/1]
79 (tie). Gina Carano vs. Michelle Rodriguez, Fast & Furious 6 [13/1]
79 (tie). Faust’s vision of Magarete, Faust [13/1]
79 (tie). Floating down the Tiber (end credits), The Great Beauty [13/1]
79 (tie). Llewyn meets the cat, Inside Llewyn Davis [13/1]
79 (tie). “Why is there a f*cking mime in my commercial?”, NO [13/1]
79 (tie). Gun fellatio, Spring Breakers [13/1]
79 (tie). Sharni Vinson and the meat tenderizer, You’re Next [13/1]
93 (tie). Anwar Congo demonstrates how to kill, The Act of Killing [12/1]
93 (tie). Death drive, Bastards [12/1]
93 (tie). Car ride, Before Midnight [12/1]
93 (tie). Muse says he can’t give up, Captain Phillips [12/1]
93 (tie). Moving day, Drinking Buddies [12/1]
93 (tie). Shoals of Herring, Inside Llewyn Davis [12/1]
93 (tie). Nighttime party scene, Much Ado About Nothing [12/1]
93 (tie). Last long take in the hospital, The Past
93 (tie). Finale, Short Term 12 [12/1]
93 (tie). Jordan and Venice, The Wolf of Wall Street [12/1]
93 (tie). Tired of wearing panties, The Wolf of Wall Street [12/1]
93 (tie). The aliens give up, The World’s End [12/1]
105. Cocaine / ice bath, Drug War [11/2]
106 (tie). The screen door, I Used to be Darker [11/1]
106 (tie). “Amazon Games” trailer premiere, In a World… [11/1]
106 (tie). Opening parable, Jajouka, Something Good Comes to You [11/1]
106 (tie). “All Tomorrow’s Parties,” The Lords of Salem [11/1]
106 (tie). Neil and Veronica, Movie 43 [11/1]
106 (tie). First encounter with Mud, Mud [11/1]
106 (tie). Parking garage/elevator ambush, New World [11/1]
106 (tie). Staredown with kid in wheelchair, Only God Forgives [11/1]
106 (tie). Battle under the ocean, Pacific Rim [11/1]
106 (tie). Hong Kong battle, Pacific Rim [11/1]
106 (tie). Ron Perlman’s death and rebirth, Pacific Rim [11/1]
106 (tie). Franco and McBride fight over jizz, This Is the End [11/1]
106 (tie). Dressing room scene, Viola [11/1]
106 (tie). “Does it have a surprisingly fruity note?”, The World’s End [11/1]
120. Meeting with Victor Tellegio, American Hustle [10/2]

The following moments received one vote apiece:

Solomon looks at the camera, 12 Years a Slave
Solomon offers engineering advice, 12 Years a Slave
Father and son say goodbye, About Time
Mock killings near beginning, The Act of Killing
“Charity Into Policy,” At Berkeley
Post-funeral dinner, August: Osage County
Dance recital, Bad Grandpa
Funeral, Bad Grandpa
Mailing Billy, Bad Grandpa
Birth of Rough Francis, A Band Called Death
The Green Ray homage, Before Midnight
Scream into the darkness, Berberian Sound Studio
Tscherkassky-style freakout, Berberian Sound Studio
Crucify the witch, Beyond the Hills
7-minute sex scene, Blue Is the Warmest Color
Emma and Adele on a park bench, Blue Is the Warmest Color
Babysitting, Blue Jasmine
Jasmine calls the feds, Blue Jasmine
Film within a film, Broken City
Jason Momoa attacks the gangster bar, Bullet to the Head
Young Turk tries to kick Jackie off the couch, Chinese Zodiac
Someone behind the door, The Conjuring
End credits fight, Cutie and the Boxer
Katrina Kaif “striptease” audition, Dhoom 3
Revenge, The Dirties
First date, Enough Said
Opening decapitation, Escape From Tomorrow
Air strip chase, Fast & Furious 6
Party train, Fruitvale Station
Opening monologue, Go For Sisters
“Don’t break anything” fight, The Grandmaster
Opening fight scene, The Grandmaster
Fetal position, Gravity
Kowalski reappears, Gravity
Kowalski’s death, Gravity
Rack focus to a drop of water, Gravity
Dancing sequence, The Great Beauty
Opening, The Great Beauty
Gatsby’s introduction, The Great Gatsby
Beach side nap, Her
“I wanna allow myself joy,” Her
Signing divorce papers over lunch, Her
Autumn butterflies, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
Elevator ride, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Church confrontation, The Hunt
“One That Got Away,” I Used to Be Darker
Sing a song, smash my guitar, I Used to Be Darker
Dead men walking, In the Fog
The look on the cat’s face when left behind, Inside Llewyn Davis
Ulysses on the subway, Inside Llewyn Davis
Llewyn considers stopping in Akron, Inside Llewyn Davis
Barrel of monkeys, Iron Man 3
Introducing Trevor, Iron Man 3
Billy Bob on air combat, Jayne Mansfield’s Car
Guy watching TV, Leviathan
Underwater and gulls, Leviathan
Upside down gulls, Leviathan
Water level fluctuates in dead fish pool, Leviathan
Chen vs. Donaka fight, Man of Tai Chi
David at the newspaper office, Nebraska
Trash talking the dead, Nebraska
Woody and David discuss family history over beers, Nebraska
Outdoor swimming pool scene at night, Oblivion
Karaoke, Only God Forgives
Mako’s memory, Pacific Rim
Bradley Cooper picks up the baby, The Place Beyond the Pines
Chase, The Place Beyond the Pines
Opening tracking shot, The Place Beyond the Pines
Sex tourism, Post Tenebras Lux
Walter gets on the helicopter, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Marcus raps, Short Term 12
Stabbing, Side Effects
Meeting Sutter’s dad, The Spectacular Now
Sex scene, The Spectacular Now
Fast food robbery, Spring Breakers
Turning the guns, Spring Breakers
Ending, Stoker
The big reveal, Stories We Tell
End credits stinger, Stories We Tell
Bring out the gimp, This Is the End
Demon sodomizes Jonah Hill, This Is the End
Effeminate gunslinger, This Is the End
Michael Cera’s demise, This Is the End
Pre-apocalypse party, This Is the End
The rapey vibe and Emma Watson, This Is the End
Motel room encounter, To the Wonder
Musical performance (final scene), A Touch of Sin
Aftermath of piglet’s death, Upstream Color
Very first scene, Upstream Color
Demon birth, V/H/S 2
“Hip Hop Hooray,” The Wolf of Wall Street
“Sell me this pen” (ending), The Wolf of Wall Street
Spike Jonze’s cameo, The Wolf of Wall Street
Steve Madden IPO speech, The Wolf of Wall Street
Train fight, Wolverine
Airplane attack, World War Z
Be vewy vewy quiet in the lab, World War Z
Jerusalem – mountains of zombies, World War Z
Pub fight in The Beehive, The World’s End
Scar test, The World’s End
Ad complaint, Wrong
Blender scene, You’re Next