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Cole is an insomniac cinephile residing deep in the heart of Texas, from where he posts dispatches from time to time on his blog vitagraph, american. When not at the movies, he presides over the film and LP sections of the finest Half Price Books location you’ll ever set foot in. He also curates the Starlite Cinema Series, a monthly endeavor in which Austin backyards are turned into outdoor theaters and great fun is had by all. He invites you to visit and sample the numerous wonderful theaters in Austin and great festivals that take place there virtually year-round. Just don’t move there.


Best Feature-Length Film
1. beasts of the southern wild
2. the master
3. once upon a time in anatolia
4. the turin horse
5. the kid with a bike
6. take this waltz
7. holy motors
8. killer joe
9. oslo, august 31
10. a simple life

Best Lead Performance, Male
1. daniel day-lewis, lincoln
2. joaquin phoenix, the master
3. denis lavant, holy motors
4. matthew mcconaughey, killer joe
5. sean penn, this must be the place

Best Lead Performance, Female
1. michelle williams, take this waltz
2. deannie yip, a simple life
3. quvenzhané wallis, beasts of the southern wild
4. juliette binoche, elles
5. cecile de france, the kid with a bike

Best Supporting Performance, Male
1. philip seymour hoffman, the master
2. christoph waltz, django unchained
3. james spader, lincoln
4. thomas haden church, killer joe
5. javier bardem, skyfall

Best Supporting Performance, Female
1. amy adams, the master
2. juno temple, killer joe
3. juliette binoche, cosmopolis
4. edith scob, holy motors
5. helen hunt, the sessions

Best Direction
1. benh zeitlin, beasts of the southern wild
2. paul thomas anderson, the master
3. jean-pierre and luc dardenne, the kid with a bike
4. sarah polley, take this waltz
5. bela tarr, the turin horse

Best Screenplay
1. the master
2. the kid with a bike
3. take this waltz
4. killer joe
5. a simple life

Best Cinematography
1. fred kelemen, the turin horse
2. mihai malaimare jr., the master
3. gökhan tiryaki, once upon a time in anatolia
4. janusz kaminski, lincoln
5. ben richardson, beasts of the southern wild

Best Editing
1. the master
2. holy motors
3. marina abramovic: the artist is present
4. the kid with a bike
5. lincoln

Best Music
1. the master
2. holy motors
3. django unchained
4. skyfall
5. jiro dreams of sushi

Best Cinematic Moment
1. the prostitutes dancing maternally with the young girls in beasts of the southern wild
2. gerhard richter underlining the pointlessness of talking about painting
3. joaquin phoenix getting up close and personal with his portrait subject in the master
4. anders’ failed suicide attempt in oslo, august 31
5. the people’s republic of austin bit in bernie
6. hulk smashes loki in the avengers
7. nooma rapace’s self-surgery in prometheus
8. jiro’s son describing his decades-long apprenticeship to his father in jiro dreams of sushi
9. seeing quentin tarantino blown to bits in django unchained
10. the title sequence of skyfall

Best Cinematic Breakthrough
1. benh zeitlin
2. quvenzhané wallis
3. thomas doret
4. morten tyldum
5. joachim trier

Best Body of Work
1. jessica chastain
2. tom hardy
3. juliette binoche
4. john hawkes
5. michael shannon

Best Ensemble Performance
1. the master
2. once upon a time in anatolia
3. killer joe
4. holy motors
5. seven psychopaths

10th Anniversary Award, Best Feature Film 2002
1. city of god
2. the man without a past
3. morvern callar
4. sympathy for mr. vengeance
5. infernal affairs

25th Anniversary Award, Best Feature Film 1987
1. wings of desire
2. raising arizona
3. angel heart
4. cobra verde
5. housekeeping

50th Anniversary Award, Best Feature Film 1962
1. an autumn afternoon
2. the loneliness of the long distance runner
3. pitfall
4. experiment in terror
5. lawrence of arabia

Special Award: Best Film of the 1970s
1. a woman under the influence
2. the long goodbye
3. mccabe & mrs. miller
4. aguirre: the wrath of god
5. the last picture show
6. taxi driver
7. the spirit of the beehive
8. the texas chain saw massacre
9. alice in the cities
10. two-lane blacktop

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