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Rules and Regulations

Just a little explanation of the scoring and ranking system before we begin...

A ballot was provided to each voter specifying a certain number of nominations per category, as follows:

10 nominations for Best Feature Film
5 nominations apiece for Best Lead Performance (Male/Female), Best Supporting Performance (Male/Female), Best Direction, Best Screenplay, and Best Cinematic Moment.
3 nominations apiece for Best Ensemble, Best Breakthrough Performance, Best First Feature as Director, Best Cinematography, and Best DVD.

Voters were asked to rank their nominations in order of preference. Each ranking was then assigned a point value:

Best Picture- #1 ranking received 14 points, #2 received 13 points, down to #10, which received 5 points
5-nomination categories- #1 ranking received 8 points, down to #5, which received 4 points
3-nomination categories- #1 ranking received 5 points, #2 4 points, and #3 3 points

If a voter (a) chose not to rank his or her nominations, or (b) was unable to fill a particular category, each nomination in the category in question was given an equal number of points, equivalent to the average number of points available in the category (9.5 points for Best Picture, 6 points for the 5-nomination categories, and 4 points for the 3-nomination categories).

The points were then tallied, and the nominees were ranked in order by the number of points received. In the event that two nominees received an equal number of points, the tie is broken by the number of votes cast for the nominees. If the number of points AND the number of votes received by two nominees are equal, then the tie stands, unless it is a tie for the winner in a category. In the event that two nominees are tied at #1 after voting is complete, a survey is taken among all the voters, and the nominee receiving the greater number of votes is declared the winner.

Seems pretty basic, I know, but it has to be clarified all the same...